Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an elopement and a pop-up wedding?

Not a lot! An Elopement is typically just the couple and the pop up wedding is for them plus a few more friends and family. Our minimum package covers up to a total of 6 persons but we can always customize it. The common factor is the simplicity, stress-free planning, small to no guest list. You just show up and we take care of the rest!

What is the maximum number of guests I can have?

Elopements are typically for just the couple but with our most basic package we can include up to a total of 6 people. We have other weddings such as pop-up weddings for 10 people and under or small weddings that we can help you plan for 35 or less.

What are the different ceremony options I can choose from?

  • Civil Ceremony Only -- Performed by a Mexican judge, in the location of your choice. Due to the separation of Church and State in Mexico, the judge is the only person capable of performing a legal wedding; however, his vows cannot be altered. The ceremony will be performed in Spanish, with an English translation provided.
  • Symbolic Only -- Performed by a non-denominational officiate, in the location of your choice, with the legal wedding performed at home at your own leisure.
  • Combination Civil Ceremony and Symbolic Ceremony – Non-denominational officiate in the location of your choice. The officiate provides a symbolic (not legal) wedding, in which you are able to customize your vows. Judge is present at ceremony; immediately after symbolic ceremony, legal paperwork is completed. What are the requirements for the legal wedding?
  • Civil ceremony with a Mexican judge

  • Copy of each of your birth certificates

  • Blood tests completed prior to the wedding (performed at your hotel by a professional lab technician)

  • Visas (tourist cards), which you receive upon entering Mexico

  • Final divorce decree (if applicable, first and last page only). Please note: the divorce must have been finalized at least one year prior to the upcoming wedding date.

  • 4 witnesses over the age of 18, not biological parents (if necessary, we can provide witnesses for a minimal charge).

  • Copy of witness’ driver’s licenses or other form of photo identification

What type of ceremony is included in the basic package?

Only symbolic ceremony with a non denominational minister, but the other options are available upon request with additional charges.

Do I need witnesses?

Only if you will have a legal ceremony. (We can provide witnesses for a minimal charge).

What do we do after the ceremony?

With our basic package we assist you in selecting a restaurant and arranging dinner reservations. The transportation included will take you there and wait for you for a maximum of 2.5 hours.

Where is my ceremony going to take place?

We have a stunning beach location just perfect for secluded, romantic weddings. Set on the Pacific Ocean, with large waves and natural rock formations in the background, this beach is convenient to Cabo San Lucas and the perfect setting to exchange your vows.

Do we plan same sex marriage?

Love is Love! All that matters is that you love.