How to have a “Stress Free” wedding

The beauty of the ‘Stress Free’ and ‘Guest Free’ elopement plan lies in its simplicity. The plan you have hatched not only comes with no formalities and ties of a traditional wedding, it also comes with all of the intimacy, love and romance you’ve always desired. However, there are some rules of etiquette unique to elopement that should be followed. The etiquettes run along the lines of how and when to break the news of your blessed union to loved ones, to to the proper way to approach a post-elopement celebration. We’ll take you step-to-step from taking care of intimate nuptual details for just the two of you, to enjoying the blessed day with bubbly and getting your precious memory sealed in professionally curated photography session. Breathtaking views, loving memories, and personal journey meant for just the two of you with Meant Two Be Cabo.

Gabriela Cobian