Documentation to Bring to Elope in Cabo

The ease of legally eloping varies with the foreign country where you would like to memorize your legal union.  Some countries require more paperwork than others.  Although you may remember to carry the basics but there are a number of weird sounding documents that you will need to legally elope in Cabo.  Let us make it easy peasy for you to navigate the legal lingo.

Here is the list of documents and other things you'll need to marry in Cabo San Lucas:

  • Copy of birth certificates (for both parties)

  • Copy of IDs with photo of the bride and the groom
  • Blood test (performed in Cabo 48h before the wedding)
  • Copy of tourist visas which they will receive upon entering the country
  • 4 witnesses
  • Copy of the 4 witnesses IDs
  • Marriage application (provided by Wedding Planner)

I’m sure you’re brooding hard at the above list and wondering what the heck all that means.  Let us clarify it for you.

COPY OF BIRTH CERTIFICATES:  You will copies of birth certificate for both the bride and the groom in order to provide positive ID for the parties being married. 



This is not required in Cabo, but with the shifting legal definition of documents it might be a good idea to have one any ways.

The U.S. equivalent of those documents is an Affidavit of Single Marital Status, and you can obtain one before leaving the states by making a sworn statement in front of a consular officer at the nearest Mexican embassy. You may also have your lawyer prepare the document and have it notarized, or make a sworn statement at the American embassy or consulate once you arrive at your destination.



The blood test must be done in Cabo San Lucas, or in any other place within the Mexican territory and it must be certified by a licensed physician in Mexico, as required by the Civil Ministry. The test is meant to determine the blood type(s), and to detect if either party is infected with HIV and/or Sexually Transmitted Diseases (S.T.D). Under the Mexican Law couples (or either party) that test positive for either STDs or HIV cannot get civilly get married in Mexico. Blood test may be done at the hotel and arranged by the wedding planner.


These are required by Law. If witnesses are not Mexican citizens, they must provide a copy of their passport or any official photo ID and their tourist visa.The witnesses to the marriage must arrive in Mexico at least 3 working days prior to the ceremony.  (**The hotels can usually provide witnesses for an additional charge.). If you are newly divorced you may have to wait for a year to get married in Mexico?  Ask a Destination Wedding Specialist to find out the rules.

Make sure you have the above documents and good luck with your happy married life ahead. 

Gabriela Cobian